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How I, Granston, Made 20,000 Gold In 3 Months
And that's only working on it part time!?!

(Note: I am currently making FAAAAAR MORE gold than this, as you can see in my 100,000 Gold Blog!)

Read my story below and get inspired to make your own 20,000 gold! Or more!

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Or just get inspired to make so much gold that you no longer worry about not having enough to buy all the things you want.

First of all: I have never read a gold guide. But, like you, I have seen all the ads : "100 gold/hour", "500 gold a day!", "100,000 gold!". Quite frankly? I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THEY DID IT. (And three months ago I would have even thought "they are totally lying!" hehehe) But now, as I stand before you today (with over 20,000 gold that I earned by myself), I DO BELIEVE that it is completely possible that they did do it. (even the 100,000 gold guy) Because now, from my own experience, I have witnessed massive gold earnings in the Auction House.

In roughly 3 months (from mid-Nov 2008 to mid-Feb 2009) I went from 600 gold to over 20,000. And this was only working on it about 1 hour per day, and only using one 350+ crafting profession!! (I have, like, a 381 skill in -------------------- *)

(* Profession removed here, and is revealed in Granston's gold guide.)

If I had the time to spend more hours a day, and if I had all of the crafting professions at my disposal I wonder how much I could make in 3 months?? 40,000? 60,000? 100,000??

My Story (the short version)
I have been playing WoW for 3 years now. Early on I got obsessed with making gold in every way I could think of in the Auction House. It was totally fun. It was totally an addiction. It was totally a game in and of itself!

For the first 2 1/2 years I made gold in modest amounts. Making maybe 30-50 gold a day. I always had 100's of gold, was the envy of my friends, and was having lots of fun. I always had enough gold to buy most anything I wanted, shared it with friends, but most importantly: I was no longer poor! Woo!

It was a blast when any time I made a new character I would send him/her 50 gold and four 16-slot bags. (and this was back when they cost 16-20 gold in the Auction House)

Last fall (2008) I took a break from WoW for a couple months. My AH-gold-making addiction subsided. Then one day (fearing that feeling may be lost forever) I logged on and looked at all the stuff in my inventory and bank, just sitting there, and thought "I'm just going to sell off all of this stuff, and see how much gold I can accumulate...."

Up to this point the most gold I ever held at one time was around 1,500-1,700. (due to the modest income, spending a lot of it, giving it away, etc.)

Over the course of the next 3-4 weeks I really tried to sell it all, even selling for far less profit in the interest of getting rid of it as fast as I could. I really had no idea how much it was all worth.

I quickly passed any previous gold record as I shot over 2,000 gold. And I still had a loooong way to go to get rid of all of my stuff. After 2,000 I thought "let's go for 3,000". After 3,000 the goal became 4,000. Then I started thinking of a 5,000 gold epic flying mount, and how it was something I never thought of getting. (Because if the thought of the grind of building up 5,000 gold wasn't discouraging enough, I could not bear the thought of turning around and blowing it all on one thing!!)

(Of course now I have an epic flying mount for my main, and am able to buy 4 more on top of that if I wanted. A friend recently took a break from WoW and I told him if/when he comes back I will buy him whatever epic flying mount he wants. -hehehe- It is crazy to think I can afford to do this, but I will in a heartbeat! It wouldn't phase me to blow even all 20,000 gold simply because my income right now is so high.)

Well I passed 4,000. Then I passed 5,000. At 6,000 I was running out of inventory and really trying to completely clear out everything in my packs and bank.

In the end, how much did I end up with?? Over 6,700 gold.

Everything was liquidated. I felt spent. And I had no idea what I was going to do with all of this gold.

So, you say, "Hey, that's not 20,000 gold!!" Well my friends it isn't. But soon "that old feeling" was going to come back, and come back with a vengeance!

But first, I would spend nearly ALL of that 6,700+ gold. (in a matter of hours) :)

With leveling taking second priority to gold making, my main still wasn't level 70. (this was a few weeks before WotLK) The only thing I could think of blowing this money on was an epic flying mount, so I played my main and worked him up to level 70. Next I went to the AH and decked him out with the best gear I could buy, spare no expense! (on top of new armor from head to toe, new axe and shield, this includes the best trinkets, potions, scrolls, any/all enchants, armor kits, sharpening stones, etc., you name it) Then I went to the Wildhammer Stronghold in Shadowmoon Valley and bought my armored, epic, Swift Blue Gryphon. It looks sweet! And I was totally impressed with how fast it was.

After it was all said and done, I looked down at my backpack and saw.......... 600 gold.

Relatively speaking, IT WAS ALL GONE.

The gold was all gone, BUT that old feeling of making lots of gold was back!

At first I started buying/selling (ie. "trading") some old, familiar items. The ones with the highest profit. Then I got inspired to look again at my -------------------- *, explore the profit on almost each and every one of the items.

(* Profession removed here, and is revealed in Granston's gold guide.)

This is when I hit the jackpot.

This is when I went from making 30+ gold a day (with a lot of work), to making as much as 200+ gold a day (with A LOT LESS work!) -- and even more on the weekends!

Right now I buy, make, trade, sell about 20 items on the AH. But the part that you will not believe is that I craft 4 items, sell 2, 3 or all of them each day (and maybe twice that on Fri, Sat, Sun), and the PROFIT on JUST THESE FOUR ITEMS is about 250 gold! PROFIT!

So do the math: all together I average maybe 200 gold per day Mon through Thursday. Bump that up to about 400 gold on Fri, Sat, Sun and you get 2,000 gold per week, for 12 weeks = 24,000 gold.

Subtract all the money I spend on my characters (spare no expense!), also subtract the 1,200 gold I blew on a "Gigantique" bag (hehehe), and the hundreds of gold I have recently blown on mats to raise my NEW -------------------- * profession and viola!: 20,000+ gold. (Actually, as I write this, March 1, 2009, I have about 20,900 gold. So almost 21,000.)

(* Profession removed here, and is revealed in Granston's gold guide.)

Oooh but I feel like THAT IS ONLY THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG! Even though I have spent hours and hours and hours learning, researching, experimenting on what sells for what, what doesn't sell at all, what the profit margin is on this or that, I know there are still THOUSANDS of items I have not yet tried to trade, AND 7 other crafting professions I have not yet explored! Heck, there are HUNDREDS of items that I DO know about, that could add 100's of gold per week to my income, but I just don't have time to trade them!

So that is why I believe that one guy did make 100,000. That is my next goal. Its funny, when you are making this much gold, your perspective constantly changes. At first 2,000 gold was A LOT of gold, and the most I had ever seen in my backpack! Then if you have 2,000, why not 3,000? Then why not 4,000? 5,000? 10,000??

That is how my goals were growing.

After I blew the 6,000 gold I thought "I want to earn that back!" I passed my 6,700+ personal record, then passed 7,000, then 8,000, then I thought "lets go for 10,000". I blew passed 10,000 then thought "okay, 12,000". Reached that, passed it then thought "lets go for 15,000".

After 15,000 I thought "20,000". Okay maybe its just me, but where does it end? When I finally hit 20,000 I actually looked at that 20,000 gold sitting in my backpack and thought "hey, a little more research and time and I could get 40,000-50,000!".

Hehe, that thought barely had time to complete before I actually thought "Man, I might go for 100,000".

So give me a few more months to accumulate (and who knows how many more hours to research and experiment) and it will be just a matter of time before I have my 100,000 gold!

And I might be crazy. Because when imagining 100,000 gold sitting in my backpack do you know what I think?? "Why not 200,000? Heck, has anyone ever had 1,000,000 gold?"

Yeah, I might be crazy.

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